6 best wine tasting workshops and courses in Paris (juillet 2024)

Looking for an oenology and wine tasting workshop in Paris during your stay in the French capital?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve compiled a list of the best workshops for learning all about wine. Let’s get started!

Paris guide to the best wine tasting courses in June 2024

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Oenology and wine tasting course program in Paris

Introduction to oenology and wine presentation

You’ll learn the basics of viticulture, as well as the different stages of wine production and grape harvesting.

As France is the land of wine, you’ll also learn about the main wine-growing regions, emblematic grape varieties and wine classifications.

Tasting techniques and sensory analysis

Next, you’ll learn about wine tasting techniques.

Instructors will guide you through sensory analysis of wines, teaching you to recognize grape varieties and distinguish aromas and colors according to vintage.

Then it’s on to the practical side, with a tasting of different wines to discover the particularities of each wine, its terroir of origin, the winemaking techniques used and recommended food and wine pairings.

You’ll also discover how to pair wines with different types of dishes to bring out the full flavors.